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Liu Xun
Tel:  86-10-64847153
Fax:  86-10-64847153
Mailing Address:  16 Lincui Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China
Email:  liux@psych.ac.cn
Website:  http://care-1.psych.ac.cn

1995-2000 Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of California at Los Angeles
1991-1994 M.S., Department of Psychology, Peking University
1987-1991 B.S., Department of Psychology, Peking University

1991-1994 Research Assistant Department of Psychology, Peking University
1994-1995 Research Associate Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
1996-2000 Teaching Fellow Department of Psychology, University of California, Los Angeles
2000-2002 Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder
2002-2003 Research Associate Department of Psychiatry, Weill Medical College of Cornell University
2003-2007 Postdoctoral Scholar Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, University of Kentucky
2007-   Assistant Professor   Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
2010-   Professor    Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science

Research Interests:

The long term goal of my research is to study the roles of cognitive and affective controls in higher level perceptual and reward decision making. With the combined efforts of behavioral testing, brain imaging analysis, and computational modeling, my researcher aims to examine behavioral and neural mechanisms of a series of related psychological processes, such as the conflict of stimulus-response incompatibility and its resolution, mutual modulation between attention and emotion, and cognitive and affective evaluation in reward decision making. I also collaborate with experts across-laboratory / institute and apply what we learn from normal adults to better understand and treat populations with behavioral and psychiatric disorders resulting from the loss or imbalance of the above functions.

Community service:
Society for Neuroscience (SFN), Cognitive Neuroscience Society (CNS)
2009-2011 NARSAD Young Investigator Award
Selected Publications:
Zhou, P, & Liu, X. (2013). Attentional modulation of emotional conflict processing with flanker tasks. PLoS ONE. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0060548
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